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Annemarie Claus

Annemarie Claus

Questions? Or need assistance in chosing the right property for your stay in Bahia? Looking for a property to buy but did not find what you were looking for on the site? Get in touch directly to get help on your choice of the right property for your stay in Bahia or in your search for your dream property to buy.

Send an e-mail to:  info@SunSeaRent.com or amclausam@gmail.com


Annemarie Claus, born in Holland, is a real estate agent (CRECI 9687), who has lived in Salvador since 1997. Her proficiency in Portuguese, English, French, German and of course Dutch gives a wider scope and facility in attending clients, Brazilians or non-Brazilians, helping them in finding the right property for their needs, in purchase or sales, as well as short term or long term rentals in Bahia.

Personalised service is her trademark.

Latest properties

EN 402 – Rio Vermelho
Apartment for sale
R$ 600,000 - 400
ARBP 01 – Arembepe Couro Dantas
House for sale
R$ 500,000
MdG 706 – Porto da Barra
Apartment for holiday rental
R$ 175 - 195 / day
MdG 907 – Porto da Barra
Apartment for holiday rental
R$ 200 - 250 / day
BE 106 – Porto da Barra
Apartment for holiday rental
R$ 150 - 185 / day
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